Healthy Lifestyle – Sleep

Have trouble sleeping!?  Sleep is so important and if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you don’t have a healthy lifestyle.

Different people need different amounts of sleep. Eight and a quarter hours is the average for adults. Some people can cope with much less and some need much more every night. But, as an adult, if you can get 7-8 hours asleep a night, you will definitely feel the benefits.

Here are a few tips to ensure you get a good nights’ sleep.

Stick to a routine

Try to go to bed at the same time every evening and get up at the same time every morning.

Make sure you wind down and relax before bedtime

Have a buffer zone before bedtime to review the day’s activities and work out a plan of action for the next day.

Take care with food and drinks

Avoid all stimulants like caffeine and alcohol for at least an hour before bed and finish eating at least two hours before bed.  Making sure you have a balanced diet that is low in sugar is a big influencer over how well you sleep too.  

Did you know that sugar will wake you up in the first part of your sleep if you have had too much, or too close to when you go to bed. And alcohol will wake you up, or more your liver having to work extra hard due to alcohol, in the later part of your sleep (that’s why you tend to wake up early after drinking a bit too much the night before!)

Lower the lights

Your body clock is affected by light, so turn off bright overhead lights and lamps and put aside your smart phone, computer or iPad at least an hour before bed.

Make sure your bedroom is comfortable

Keep your bedroom quiet and dark with comfortable bedding suitable for the season. No TV in the bedroom!

For more tips on getting a good nights sleep check out the sleep health foundation here