Healthy Eating – What To Eat?

Here are a few simple tips and tricks for busy people to make healthy eating easy. How to select the right foods and when to eat them.

What To Eat?

Healthy eating can seem difficult, but really it isn’t. Have you noticed that the veggies, meat and diary sections all sit around the perimeter of the grocery store?  They line the walls, leaving aisles of “everything else” in the centre of the store.

If you want work out how to select the right food so that you are more healthy,  collect yourself a trolley and start following the walls of the grocery store.

Here you find veggies, cold meats, seafood, raw meats, eggs, nuts and dairy. Everything you need for a balanced diet. When shopping for food, there is often very little reason to venture into the centre aisles, where the processed foods, sugary treats and frozen meals are often found.




When working out what to eat for healthy eating, focus on these 3 things only and ensure that you have all 3 each day.

So to be more specific;


Meats, fish, eggs, tofu


Nuts, avocado, organic butter. Also other fats to include, and venture in the centre aisles for; Olive oil and Coconut oil.


Potato, sweet potato, pumpkin. Most fruit and veg have carbs – but you will more in these three.   Sweet potato is my go-to carb.

I like to tailor the meal plans I create for my clients depending on if they are trying to loose weight, gain muscle or maybe just looking for more energy. Also the type of exercise they are doing, how much, also type of work they are doing.  For more on how I can help you or educate your staff, click here .

For when to eat, have a look at this post, for a few easy tips and tricks for planning your daily meals.