Sarah Elizabeth John, Melbourne

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I recall the first day I ever started strength training, hesitantly walking into a giant warehouse in my cute little yoga pants, weights dropping loudly on the floor, muscular dudes roaming about, I felt completely out of place.

That’s what I liked abut Matt from the start, he’s just got a casual way about him that makes you feel comfortable. As I grew to know him I discovered that he’s also incredibly educated, always the first to step in to correct technique, always in tune with where our bodies are at.

Combine all this with a pretty awesome personality, and you have the makings of a hilariously fun/super productive sweat session. I train with the most supportive and positive crew of people and I have Matt to thank for that.

And THAT is why he’s my trainer.

Sarah Elizabeth John, PUBLIC RELATIONS MANAGER The Holistic Ingredient, Melbourne January 9, 2017

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